Blue Sky Travel is a Leading Travel Management Company in Vietnam with 15 years of experience providing Inbound and Outbound services. Being experts in creating authentic and tailor-made tours to Vietnam • Cambodia • Laos • Myanmar, we aim to become one of the best travel agencies in Vietnam in coming years.

Work force

Up to date operating system with well trained staffs. Friendly & create attentive atmosphere for customers. Depth knowledge & enhanced prior experience in their field.


Transparency pricing policy, professional consultant team available to cater variety of needs. A 24/7 one stop shop service for highest level of convenience


Nationwide for Domestic & Inbound services. Worldwide for Air ticket & Outbound services. Strong support from venders including all airlines, hotels, especially during high seasons

Customer Satisfaction

Extremely high customer satisfaction and the lowest complaint rate in the industry.

Emergency Management

Sophisticated crisis protection for your clients, and updates for you.


We’ve owned our own operations in Vietnam for over 15 years.

The Blue Sky Travel consultant team are well seasoned travel experts who think of every details. They have all the knowledge & experience you need to create your most memorable holidays. Call us on: (+84) 28 38 27 70 07

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