An Giang - Floating water season, Prosperous season

Season of great paintings, beautiful and enchanting

The Westerners have the phrase: "Six months of dry copper ground, half a year on the water" to talk about the water cycle of the Mekong River. From August to November, An Giang is submerged under water from upstream of the Mekong River. An Giang province is located at the head of the river, which is also the location that receives the flood early. The whole plain will be flooded with water engulfing the poor villages. The water looks like a giant emerald green mirror reflecting the vast, scattered sky with white clouds floating indefinitely. The ripples of long trails follow the scuffing oars, spreading out and sinking into the still water.

Floating water season brings a more prosperous life

People in the countryside welcome floods as they would welcome their friends from far away. Floating water season comes along with the season of shrimp and fish, in the golden afternoons, people invite each other to drop nets and go fishing. Fishing boats crowd the waters, fishermen compete to throw nets and catch the most fishes. It’s hard to see anything but joy and enthusiasm during their fishing outtings but behind those grins are hardships that every fisherman experience. The season of water comes, the land of the jaggery is crowdedand bustling making life become more prosperous.

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