Dalat flower paradise

wildflowers season: Da Quy is one of the most typical wildflowers of the Central Highlands. Every season, you will easily catch the bright yellow colors of this flower on the roadside and the wild fields in Dalat. The yellow color of the flowers growing from the land and the atmosphere of the highland makes wild shrubs on the road suddenly bright and joyful.

This flower has left many special imprints with the Da Lat people. At Lam Vien Square, the city center, there is also a giant carnation-shaped building, turning flowers into one of the symbols of the fog city. The wild flowering season in Dalat usually starts in November and ends in January every year.

Season of hydrangeas: Dalat is one of the famous places for beautiful hydrangeas. Walking around the city's gardens and Lam Vien Square, you will find the majority of pedestrians love these flowers.

The elegant green, purple, and pink colors of hydrangeas are one of the factors that make the city thousands of flowers poetic. This flower usually blooms best from May until the end of the year. Therefore, summer is a good time for you to visit the beautiful hydrangea fields.

Season of flower triangular circuit: The tiny triangular veins of flowers if you look near you don't see anything special, but when you come to the season, you will be surprised by the shimmering beauty of this flower. Hundreds of triangular circuit flowers when simultaneously hatched will cover the white fields, creating a space identical to romantic movies.

Although often associated with the land of Ha Giang, triangular flower circuits still have their own corners in Dalat like below the pine forests and large fields. If you love this flower, go to Da Lat in September because this is the time when the flower triangular flowers bloom best.

Lavender season: Lavender, or lavender, often reminds us of the fields in the far south of France. However, right in the heart of Dalat, this flower is still blooming and gives off a sweet scent, which makes it impossible for tourists who accidentally go through it.

Originating from the Mediterranean region, lavender flowers only live best in temperate climates. Therefore, Dalat is one of the few places in Vietnam that can grow this flower. Come to the city of thousand flowers at the time of May and June, you will be standing among the fields of purple flowers dreaming and enjoying the charming fragrance that spreads throughout the space.

Sunflower season: Sunflower fields have been present in many places around the country like Bac Giang and Nghe An ... However, the sunflower in Da Lat has a different beauty because in the gloomy atmosphere protein of the drizzle, the yellow flower color more and more brilliant.

When the season comes, the sunflowers will bloom simultaneously, dyeing a field full of gold. To be able to capture the most blooming flowers, you can go to Dalat around April, May or November, December. These are the two most suitable times to see the beauty of this flower.

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