In Mekong Delta, there is not the notion “Flooding season”, but “High level water season”, “Floating Water season”. Discover Mekong Delta, you will understand why.

Tra Su Cajuput Forest(Tra Su Cajuput Forest)

With its vast, network of the thousands rivers and canals, orchards and seafood sources, the Mekong Delta is a preferred destination to visit throughout the year, but the “Floating Water season” from July to the end of November is ideal time to discover this peaceful and rich region.

The delta is a place where “Floating Waters” are awaited eagerly, because Mekong River - one of the biggest rivers of the world - offers it the large amounts of rich alluvium which fertilizes this vast region. The “Floating Waters” is seen as a gift from Nature that brings tons of fish into the paddy fields, fertilizes the alluvium for to the next crop.

Boat rides through mangroves, in cajuput forests, visit of floating markets and fruit orchards are the ways to discover Mekong Delta. That’s not all. The encounters with local peoples during your trip in Mekong Delta will bring you the real sensation about a rich and peaceful region of the smiles, open-mindedness and hospitability.

DISCOVER MEKONG DELTA in floating water season


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