Langsat (“bòn bon” in Vietnamese language) is a wild and popular fruit in Vietnam, but sculptured in the Nine Urns placed in Hue ancient citadel, because there is a story about this delicious fruit relative the first king of Nguyen dynasty.


Langsat - delicious fruit in Vietnam

A story told that when Nguyen Anh emperor hided from Tay Son soldiers and was hungry without food, one of his assistants found a Langsat fruit in the forest and gave him to eat. When Nguyen Anh tried this wild fruit, he felt it very delicious.

Thanks to this fruit, Nguyen Anh and his assistants passed the hunger. After gaining the victory against Tay Son dynasty, Nguyen Anh became Gia Long king – the first king of Nguyen dynasty and ordered to sculpture this delicious in 2nd Urn of Nine Urns placed in the yard of Citadel. Gia Long king called it “Nam Tran” (means pearl of Vietnam).

Langsat - Fruit of King

Langsat - Fruit of King (Photo source:

Langsat is a delicious fruit of tropical region and you can see its presence from Quang Nam province (Central) to Mekong Delta (South). If you travel to Vietnam in the period from June to October, you will have opportunities to taste this delicious fruit of Vietnam. The Langsat trees are medium, upright, with a height at about 10-15 m, have clustered fruits, between 2 to 30 fruits per cluster, from 2 to 2.5 cm long and from 1.25 to 2 cm wide. Its fruits are pale yellow and have smooth white pus inside with 3-5 segments carrying (or not) a citrus seed. Its flesh is rich in aromatic water and sweet and sour.

A special feature of this delicious fruit compared to other fruits is that we must leave its coat from the bottom to the peduncle. You won’t avoid using your hands to peel it. Its sticky pus can touch your hands, but please pay attention to not let its pus touch your clothes! 

Langsat tree

Langsat tree sculptured in an Urn (Photo source

Concerning the healthy facts, the Langsat fruits have many vitamins such as A, C, B1, B2 and an abundant source of carbohydrate …which help reduce weight, prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases, control the cholesterol, improve digestion,… .

When you discover Vietnam with Blue Sky Travel Vietnam in this season, do not forget asking our tour guide about this delicious fruit in Vietnam and taste it. Surely you will love it.

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