Lost in Tokyo in the middle of Saigon

At District 1, the central of Ho Chi Minh City, there is a small Japanese-style neighborhood. Just by going to Le Thanh Ton Street, deep into the alleys from the busy mainstreet, you will feel like you've gotten lost at a quiet street in Japan.

This is the center for a lot of Japense restaurants and stores. The reasoning behind it is because a lot of Japanese people live within this area. Many shops opened by Japanese people, all of the decorations, presentations, and advertisements show resemblents to the land of the Rising Sun. The lanterns, vertical hanging flags, wooden doors, and Japanese signs make it hard not to believe that there’s a mini Japan in the heart of Saigon.

If one day, you suddenly crave to experience Japan’s landscape and cuisine but do not have the conditions to make a trip, Le Thanh Ton area will help quench your cravings. It focuses everything you need to satisfy your Japanese "crave". The shops here include Japanese restaurants, cafes, bars, and supermarkets…

In the morning, the neighborhood is quiet because only the cafes are open. At noon, more stores and restaurnats start to open their doors for incoming guests. However, the small town is busiest in the evening. Signs bright and blinking, bars opened and voices echoing "Irashaimasse" (Welcome) from both sides of the street.

Not only for the culinary and cultural experience, the area also a great location for photography because harmoniously designed stores. Because of the Japanese style, colors and materials appear popular here are rustic, elegant, suitable for romantic photos. In addition, the neighborhood also has a series of graffiti walls that will be perfect canvases for a nice social media picture!

The neighborhood is also an ideal place to hang out with your friends at night because there are many bars. In Japanese culture, going to bars is a culturer because colleagues in companies often pull together to eat and drink alcohol after a stressful day of working. Of course, these neighborhood bars will prioritize "Japanese" wines, beers and cocktails on their menu.

Here, ramen and sushi are popular but also many other Japanese dishes such as takoyaki octopus cake, shaved ice, and fried rib tonkatsu ... In the heart of Saigon, we now have a mini Japan,  making the city more multicultural and diverse. When you come here, you will wonder: "Is there any nice corner in Saigon that we have not yet discovered yet?

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