Mango is one of the delicious seasonal fruits grown in the tropics, including Vietnam where it is called as “King of fruits”. If you travel to Vietnam in the period from April to August, you will have opportunities to taste this “king of fruit”.

Mango - King of Fruits (Photo source: internet)

In Vietnam, mango is one of the most popular and beloved fruits because it is rich of nutrition with the unique flavor and taste.

The mango fruits help to prevent cancer, make lower cholesterol, are beneficial to skin and eyes.

In order to correctly appreciate mango fruits in Vietnam, you must travel to the South of Vietnam, including Saigon and Mekong delta, with the names like “Cát mango” and “Tượng mango”.

The USA’s ambassador Daniel J. Kritenbrink said: “Vietnamese mango is the best delicious mango in the world” in the trip to Can Tho city (capital of Mekong delta) last 05 June 2018. That’s the reason why the United American States government agreed to import mangos from Vietnam because of its nutritious value and its good quality.

Mango - delicious fruit of Vietnam (Photo source: Thanh Nien newspaper)

In your trips in Vietnam with Blue Sky Travel, you can find out this delicious fruit with the price at about USD 1 per kilo everywhere in Saigon or Mekong delta, in the markets, in the supermarkets, in the shops along the road from Saigon to Mekong delta, or even in the bamboo basket behind the bicycles the vendors transport in the streets in Saigon.

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