In Vietnam, Mangosteen is called as “Queen of fruits”. If you travel to Vietnam in the period from May to August, you will have opportunities to taste this delicious fruit.


Mangosteen - delicious fruit of Vietnam (Photo source: internet)

It looks like a tennis ball, but not green. Mangosteen has a dark red/violet cover. In order to taste it, you need a sharp knife to peel off along the equator of its dark red/violet cover. After a simple action like that, you will see the milky white succulent core separating about from 6 to 10 segments. Tasting it, you will feel both soft sour, soft sweet and pure refreshment.

The scientists find out in it a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C which reduce cholesterol, help the anti-inflammation and an anti-ageing effect and prevent the cancer and heart disease.

Mangosteen is grown essentially in the South of Vietnam. But before, Mangosteen was only used to offer to kings, queens and feudal families. The normal inhabitants did not have opportunity to taste it. That’s the reason why it is called as “Queen of fruits” and that its price is a little bit higher than other fruits of the season.


Mangosteen - "Queen of fruits" (Photo source: internet)

In your trips in Vietnam with Blue Sky Travel, you can find out this delicious fruit with the price from USD 2 to USD 4 per kilo everywhere in Saigon or Mekong delta, in the markets, in the supermarkets, in the shops along the road from Saigon to Mekong delta, or even in the bamboo baskets behind the bicycles that the vendors transport in the streets in Saigon.


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