Renamed Hochiminh city after the departure of Americans, great number of its inhabitants prefer to call it by former name Saigon and still remember the slogan of its golden age - "Pearl of the Far East".

Notre Dame Cathedrale

(Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon)

Bustling city and economic capital of Vietnam at the present, Saigon was in the past under the French and American influences. Those influences are still obvious with the important buildings of the city: Saigon Post Office, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Dong Khoi street (former Catinat Street, Liberty street), Opera House, City Hall, and even more. This city is called "city without sleeping" because of its hustling rythm of life day and night. Beside the gigantic modern skyscrapers, the poors still exist like an evidence of life. Anyway, the open-mindedness and hospitality of local people are the wonderful things you can meet here.

In the trip, you can see the memories of Vietnam War when visiting the museums like War Remnants Museum and the Cu Chi tunnels to understand a part of its history, but in the local people's mind, it's the sad past they want to forget. 

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