Tả Van - Sapa

About 8km from Sapa Center , you can come to Tả Van . When you come here you can feel the different world , it’s very peaceful .Now Tả Van is growing some houses called “HomeStay” . This is the type of popular stay service in Sapa , with wooden houses and bamboo groves .

The main material is wood. It made the tourists feel relax and peaceful . You can sit under porch, see terraced fields , sound of birds and streams surrounded by mountains .

About 20m under the ramp , there has a bar . Specially , the architectures are made from bamboo . Foreign tourists can sing and dance and create some fun memories here. This is a wonderful place to visit during your holiday .

In the morning , you can have a walk around mountain village and visit the markets , then you can come back to your homestay to cook and have breakfast together. With rustic and idyllic house but full facilities , tourists will have interesting experience in Tả Van – Sapa .

Come to the market  in Tả Van , you can easily see the little pigs are sold by local people . The little pigs aren’t too heavy (<20 kg) , they hold the pig in the papoose and wear on their back or they carry the pig under one’s arm . “Lợn Cắp Nách”  it’s local named of the little pig . They often bring some meat to have a BBQ with fresh herbs  . They used the salt and green peppers to mash and mis together to make sauce .It has become special food when the tourists come to Tả Van .



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