Whose are the 2 giant hands lifting the “Golden Bridge” on Ba Na Hills?

Recently, the "Golden Bridge" lifting by two giant hands on Ba Na Hills (Da Nang) has attracted the attention of foreign tourists, international newspapers and social networks. The "Golden Bridge" on Ba Na Hills is the latest pedestrian bridge in the world. 

Golden Bridge in Ba Na Hills

Golden Bridge on Ba Na Hills (Da Nang). Photo: Amazing Things in Vietnam.

Launched in June, the Golden Bridge has 150 meters of length and 1,400 meters of altitude with views of the mountainous landscape. People has spent only less than a year to build and complete this bridge.

The Guardian has put the Golden Bridge on the list of the most exotic and beautiful bridges in the world, alongside famous bridges such as the Fan Bridge in London, the Rollin Bridge on the Grand Union Canal, Umshiang Double Decker Bridge in India, Moses Bridge in the Netherlands, Webb Bridge in Australia ...

Surprised by its fancy design, many people visiting Ba Na hills wonder whose these giant hands are. Each person has their own answer depending on how they feel and their religious beliefs. The common thing is that these giant hands holding the bridge on Ba Na Hills offer the walkers a sense of security and trust that they are protected and lifted in the infinite universe.

Golden Bridge on Ba Na Hills

Golden Bridge on Ba Na Hills (Da Nang). Photo: Amazing Things in Vietnam


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