Vietnam News: Vietnam has been ranked one of the 10 best places to visit by the world’s most popular travel guide, TripAdvisor.

Iceland tops the list followed by Greece, Mexico, Portugal and Morocco. Việt Nam, which was named among the world’s 20 fastest growing travel destinations in 2016, has overtaken its neighbour Thailand for the first time. Thailand came in 9th, three places behind Việt Nam.

Foreign tourist arrivals to Vietnam in January-May skyrocketed by 27.6 per cent year-on-year to more than 6.71 million, according to figures from the Vietnam Statistics Bureau.

An Bang Beach 

Vietnam is loved by both local and foreign visitors for its natural beauty, cheap prices, vibrant nightlife and memorable travel experiences.

In April TripAdvisor’s readers had also voted An Bang Beach in the Hội An as one of the 25 most picturesque beaches in Asia for a third year in a row.

Vietnam targets 17-20 million foreign tourists a year by 2020. 

Author: Le Hung Vong reporter

Source: Vietnam News

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