Since September in Ha Noi, when the hot and blazing sunlight of summer is replaced by soft and warm light, when the leaves begins to become yellow, when people smell the perfume of “Milk flower” every night and early morning, when the pupils come back their school, and when there are many vendors selling the green sticky rice on the streets, people know that autumn returns in Hanoi.

Sword Lake in autumn

Sword Lake in Autumn (photo source: internet)

If people do not like summer, it’s because the summer weather is so hot and it rains a lot. Perhaps that’s the reason why people prefer and wait for autumn’s arrival. Autumn makes Hanoi more beautiful, even more romantic and people feel more agreeable, more peaceful in this time.

If you travel to Vietnam in the months from September to November, if you ask Blue Sky Travel to tailor a tour for you, do not forget asking our travel consultant to reserve a free day at leisure for you, so that you have time to enjoy a slower life rhythm and feel completely the beauty of Hanoi’s autumn.

Autumn in Hanoi

Hanoi in Autumn  (photo source: internet)

It’s very interesting to walk in Old Quarter and around Sword Lake to contemplate the autumn’s colors and aspects like the yellow color of leaves, the vaporous Sword Lake, the women selling many flowers carried on the bicycles or on the trolleys, the vendors selling green sticky rice enclosed by lotus green leaves, the pupils walking under the trees’ shade… All aspects suggest a simple beauty and a peace. If you can speak Vietnamese or if you have a Blue Sky Travel’s tour guide, do not hesitate to stop and talk with local people to understand why green sticky rice is always a special gift from Hanoi when they travel to another region, and why they always remember Hanoi when they suddenly smell the perfume of milk flower somewhere.

Milk flower  (photo source: Hanoi TV)

Going further towards city west, you can meet a special charm West Lake with an immense surface. West Lake and its sister Truc Bach Lake separated by Thanh Nien Street create romantic scenery that you would fall in love by its landscape in autumn. After visit Quan Thanh Taoist temple, walking on Thanh Nien Street, you can see from far away the typical tour in red brick of Tran Quoc pagoda - one of the oldest pagodas in Vietnam, dating from 6th century.

In fact, it’s not only at the mentioned destinations; you can feel the autumn everywhere in Hanoi if you spend time for observing local people’s daily life in this city. In Hanoians’ soul, autumn is not beautiful in the new skyscrapers, but it is really beautiful and lovely in its peaceful ambience, in the simple things attaching to their daily life and their memories.

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