Sapa is one of the beloved destinations for tourists in Vietnam. Sapa is nice in whole year, thanks to its agreeable weather, its imposing scenery and traditional cultural values of the tribes living here. However, for trekkers and photographers Sapa is nicest in autumn, since the end of September, when the rice fields become yellow. It’s the ideal moment to trek and take the nicest photos of the famous rice terrace.

Rice terrace field in Sapa

Rice terrace field in Sapa

In 2009, Travel and Leisure magazine (USA) voted the rice terrace field of Sapa as one of 7 nicest terrace fields in the world, thanks to the imposing mountain scenery and its beautiful curves.

In the cool weather of autumn, the mass of rice terrace field on the mountain sides suddenly change its color to warm and bright color. The yellow rice terraced fields standing out between the green grass borders create beautiful curves. Under the early morning mist, the vast Sapa valley glows in the warm sunshine of the high mountains. 

Rice terrace field in Sapa - one of 7 nicest rice terrace field in the world

Rice terrace field in Sapa - one of 7 nicest rice terrace field in the world

For Vietnamese people, a rice grain is a golden grain. When the rice becomes ripe, the terraced rice fields change its color to golden yellow. That’s why the rice harvest is called “golden season”. Trekking in the golden space, peaceful and beautiful, you will be fascinated by the beautiful streets and the vast rice fields stretching to the horizon. Wandering in the stunning scenes of the vast terrace field and the carpet of clouds, you will feel the aroma of ripe rice in the wind and a relaxed soul.

Trekking in Sapa

Trekking between the vast rice terrace field of Sapa brings you an amazing feeling.

Although the poorness still exists here, the happiness also appears in the faces and smiles of the local people. Trekking, meeting, talking even working with local people, here you will understand their life – hard working but full of joy in the simple things. Moreover, culture, music, clothes, manners and customs…etc… of the mountainous tribes here are the really interesting subjects to study in your discovery. 

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