Vietnamese Fast Food

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Xiên Chiên or Deep fried skewered dishes have different types such as fish balls, beef balls, quails eggs, shrimp dumplings and vegetables, etc…

Bột Chiên or Fried rice flour cake is famous and favourite street food of Sai Gon. Firstly. Rice flour cake is mixed with water well to create dough, cut into square shapes and steamed. Then cakes are fried both sides with egg until crispy. Bột Chiên is served with pickled green papaya and carrot, small chopped spring onion and chilli soya sauce.

Xôi Mặn or Chicken, sausage and sticky rice is popular and favourite dish for breakfast in Sai Gon. The dish consists of plain sticky rice, Vietnamese ham, pâté, quail egg, Chinese sausage, dried shredded pork/chicken and shallot oil. 

Súp Cua or Crab meat soup consists of shiitake mushroom, quail egg, crab meat and vegetable.

Bánh Tráng Nướng or Grilled girdle cake is filled with sausage, sheredded pork, quail egg, butter and spring onion. 


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