New survey reaffirms Ho Chi Minh City as food paradise with street stalls selling unforgettable specialties. For us, Travel to Vietnam is discover Vietnam, meet Vietnamese people and savor Vietnam.

Refreshing Chè at a 60-Year-Old Retro Hangout

Relishing a bowl of assorted chè at Thach Che Hien Khanh is more than just an afternoon spent shooting the breeze with friends, it’s also a trip down memory lane and an exploration into Saigon’s heritage, all rolled into a few sweet treats.

The Unapologetic Simplicity of Ben Thanh's Bun Rieu Ganh

Bún riêu is a decadent dish with an excessive range of ingredients in my opinion. The soup, however, boasts a sophisticated combination of flavors that doesn't overwhelm the pallet. While tomato and paddy crab pastes lie at the heart of a bún riêu bowl as basic components, scores of toppings are always involved. Some options include snails, blood curd, pork, water spinach, fried tofu, sausage, tamarind paste, shrimp paste, and green onions. The large amount of ingredients creates versatility, as every place either has their own signature interpretation of bún riêu or will allow you to customize your noodle bowl to your own liking.

Hanoi - A Taste of the Capital in 24 Hours

Hanoi, unlike many other Southeast Asian capitals, “goes to bed early” – most restaurants and bars, with notable exceptions, close their doors well before midnight, so surviving 24 hours here requires stamina, imagination and a few million dong! What do you do when you have just one day in Hanoi? Here’s our guide to getting to know the city in the fast lane.

An Ode to Vietnam's Cooling, Affordable and Ubiquitous Trà Đá

If cà phê sữa đá is an indispensable component of a lazy morning in Saigon, the city’s trà đá pitchers are emblematic of the sheer pleasure of eating. Southern Vietnam’s sweltering climate makes it impossible at times to enjoy meals without something cool to wash down the food. Thus glasses of amber-color iced tea come to the rescue.

Saigon's Old-School Cafes Hold Fast to Decades-Old Traditions

The introduction of international coffee chains has slowly driven the young and energetic of Saigon towards a new preference in the way they indulge their daily cuppa. In a city where the old often co-exists in harmony with the latest and greatest, in this photo essay, Saigoneer investigates the current philosophy behind coffee with the seasoned minds of some of the most passionate brewers in town.

Bo La Lot - Probably My Favorite Vietnamese Food!

Fully known as thit bo nuong la lot (thịt bò nướng lá lốt), this Vietnamese dish includes minced beef mixed with garlic and shallots and some simple spices, wrapped into wild betel leaves (also known as piper lolot leaves), rolled up like cigars, and grilled over hot charcoal.

Cơm Âm Phủ: Huế's "Purgatory Rice" That Tastes Like Heaven

In today’s Vietnam, thanks to an influx of new import-export channels, locals now have a chance to relish a wide array of delicacies from foreign lands

In Hẻm 284, O Thu Brings a Touch of Hue to Saigon With Cơm Hến

As the sun went down and Saigon’s throngs of workers ventured out of their office nests to fill local streets, I was perched on a red plastic stool in a hẻm in District 3 weeping and snorting like an unhinged moron.

Tracing the Lineage of Da Lat's Delicious Bánh Mì Xíu Mại

Xíu mại may represent Vietnam’s own unique interpretation of an Asia-wide snack, but it took a long time for these tasty morsels to make their way from the tea houses of China and Inner Mongolia to the cool hills of Da Lat. The origins of this savory morning meal are still debated by some.

Vietnamese Fast Food

VIETNAMESE FAST FOOD Xiên Chiên or Deep fried skewered dishes have different types such as fish balls, beef balls, quails eggs, shrimp dumplings and vegetables, etc…

Vietnamese Food

Vietnamese cuisine is always associated with rice. Wet rice civilization has long been permeated into our culinary culture. Rice is made into various dishes, such as steamed rice, noodles, grilled rice cracker ... Rice is made into various dishes , such as steamed rice , noodle s , grilled rice cracker...Using bowl and chopsticks, eating aromatic herbs and dipping sauce have created the typical cuisine culture of the Vietnamese as well as the Orientals. Vietnamese dishes from North to the South will be narrated as a whole story .

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